Billing Information

Our new online payment center is now active. Please visit for more information.

How you are Billed

As a Seacoast customer, you are billed every month for water and wastewater service. On a rotating basis, a meter reader reads each meter once a month. After the meter is read, Seacoast computes the bill, prints it, and mails it to you. Utility bills are due when rendered and payment is required within twenty (20) days from the bill date.

If your bill says "estimated", your usage may have been estimated due to our meter readers being unable to gain access to the meter, bad weather, debris was on or in the meter box, or unforeseen conditions existed (locked gates, dogs and pets, etc.). To ensure reasonable access to the meter, Seacoast requests that you keep the meter box area free from debris, overgrown shrubs and bushes, and avoid parking vehicles on or near the meter box. Do not use the meter box as a trash can or allow oil, grease, etc. to get into the meter box.

Service Charges

There are times when you will be billed a service charge to defray certain costs that are attributable directly to your needs. You are required to pay a service charge when, for example:

  1. You initiate service.
  2. Your meter is turned off for non-payment.
  3. You have your service reinstated after it has been turned off at your request for your convenience (i.e., you have gone away on vacation etc.).
  4. You request a bench test on the meter and it is found to be accurate.
  5. You transfer service from one location to another within our service area.
  6. Your bank does not honor your check payable to Seacoast for service.


What is a “Base Facility Charge” and why is it needed?

Base Facility Charge – A fixed monthly charge for service availability based on the prevailing rate schedule, which does not include usage for any amount of water. When an account is classified as inactive, all charges including any Base Facility Charges that accrue while the property is unoccupied or while service is interrupted, must be paid before service can be activated.

Explanation: For water to flow from the tap or sewage to be removed from the served property, the utility incurs certain fixed and non-variable cost. Examples are debt associated with infrastructure such as plant, piping and pump stations, personnel to operate and maintain these, and other costs that continue whether there is water consumption at a given moment or not.

Once a customer has connected to Seacoast’s facilities or reserved the right to do so, Seacoast begins collecting that customer’s share of those fixed and non-variable costs in the form of either capacity reservation (pre-connection) or base facility (post-connection), fixed charges. The continuous payment of these charges reserves that customer’s continuing access to system capacity.

Constructing, operating and maintaining the system by which service is provided is integral and essential to providing service on demand. Unlike such variable costs as power and treatment chemicals however, these fixed costs do not increase or diminish with varying consumption. Accordingly, like the costs they are designed to offset, monthly base facility charges must accrue whether there is water consumption or not, as long as capacity is held in reserve for the customer.

If you have questions regarding this charge, please Contact Us.

How and Where to Pay Your Bill

You may pay your bill through the mail with the convenient return envelope. For proper credit, always include the top half of your bill with your payment. If the name on the check differs from the name on the account, please write the account number on the check. You may also pay your bill in our office or at the drop box located directly in front of our building at 4200 Hood Road, Palm Beach Gardens. The drop box is checked regularly throughout the day.

You may pay by Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (AEFT) via your bank account. An authorization form must be completed. It will take approximately 10 business days before the AEFT becomes active. If you have questions concerning your bill, our Customer Service offices and telephone lines are open between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Mondays, lunch hours, workdays, after holidays and mornings are our busiest times.

You may pay online at through the "Account Access". We accept payments from your checking or savings account, Debit or Credit Cards.

You may also pay over the phone through one of our Customer Service Representatives between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday using your checking or savings account, Debit or Credit Card.

Customer Service telephone number is (561) 627-2920.

The best time to call or visit is between 1:00pm and 4:00pm., Tuesday through Friday. HAVE YOUR BILL IN FRONT OF YOU FOR EASY REFERENCE WHEN YOU CALL.