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Developer Procedures

Adopted March 22, 1995

Revised May 25, 2011


Standard Procedures

Exhibit "A-1" Property Questionnaire – Undeveloped Property

Exhibit "A-2" Property Questionnaire – Properties Already Served by SUA

Exhibit "B" Statement of Capacity Letter

Exhibit "C" Agreement for Deferred Payment of Additional Connection Charges

Exhibit "D" Developer Agreement

Exhibit "E" Memorandum of Developer Agreement

Exhibit "F" Developer Acknowledgement Form

Exhibit "G" Easement Deed

Exhibit "H" Title Insurance Requirements

Exhibit "I" Encroachment Agreement

Exhibit "J" Bill of Sale

Exhibit "K" Meter Application

Exhibit "L" Sewer Service Agreement


1. When a service availability request for a property is received, Seacoast Utility Authority (Authority) will provide a property questionnaire to the inquirer to be completed and returned (See Exhibit "A").

2. If specific information is needed, the party making application shall submit to Authority:

a. The completed property questionnaire.

b. A legal survey of the subject property. Single-family residences may provide a copy of their deed that has a legible legal description of the property.

c. A copy of the proposed site plan indicating building locations, proposed construction, etc.

d. A letter from the fee-simple titleholder of the property authorizing Authority to provide inquiring party with service availability information if the inquiring party is not the fee-simple titleholder.

No action will be taken unless these items have been received by Seacoast.

3. If a written response is required, the purpose for which the letter will be used must be indicated.

a. Capacity availability/zoning

b. Fees

c. Line location

d. Concurrency (Allocation Letter)

In the event an Allocation Letter is requested, payment of annual capacity reservation fees is required for 50% of total ERCs for the project prior to release of the Allocation Letter. If applicant merely wishes a statement of capacity status, the Authority will respond with a letter substantially in the form as shown on Exhibit "B". This letter will be provided without charge to the applicant.

4. Design of the water and sewer facilities for the proposed project must not be prepared until a preliminary engineering meeting is held with Authority's engineering staff.

5. Prior to Developer moving forward with project, Developer shall set up a preliminary meeting for Developer, Developer's engineer, and appropriate Authority personnel to review proposed project at Authority's offices. Topics to be covered will include water/wastewater/irrigation/air conditioner cooling water requirements, easement procedures and applicable fees.

6. A Developer Agreement will normally be required if any one of the following conditions exists:

a. Construction of water and/or wastewater improvements requires the issuance of regulatory permits.

b. Authority requires ingress/egress to the site. Typically, this will be the case if on-site water/wastewater facilities are to be dedicated to Authority, or if the Developer's property provides the only reasonable access to the Authority's facilities.

7. If a Developer Agreement is necessary, Developer must pay the prevailing Administrative fees to Authority before the plan review process will be initiated. Authority will begin the plan review process once administrative fees have been paid, however, Authority will not release plans for permitting by other agencies until a Developer Agreement has been executed and all appropriate fees and charges have been received.

8. If no Developer Agreement is necessary, Developer must pay the prevailing Administrative Fees to Authority before the plan review process will be initiated. Authority will begin the plan review process once Administrative Fees have been paid, however, Authority will not release approved construction plans until 50% of connection charges have been paid. If the project requires a regulatory construction permit, Capacity Reservation Fees for 100% of the ERCs for the project must be paid at this time.

9. If the property currently has water and/or sewer service, Developer must pay the prevailing Administrative Fees to Authority before the plan review process will be initiated. Authority will begin the plan review process once Administrative Fees have been paid, however, Authority will not release approved construction plans until 100% of connection charges have been paid to the Authority. Properties within designated Community Redevelopment Districts which are being retrofitted or redeveloped for a different or more intense use may be eligible for Deferred Payment of Additional Connection Charges. The owner or tenant of the real property must properly execute and return to the Authority The Agreement for Deferred Payment of Additional Connection Charges (see Exhibit “C”).

10. Developer's Engineer-of-Record (EOR) shall submit to Authority preliminary drawings, DEP permit applications, etc. for review in accordance with the Authority's Construction Standards and Specifications.

11. Authority will draw up its standard Developer Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement, Developer Acknowledgment Form and other appropriate documents and forward to Developer for signature (See Exhibits "D", "E" and "F").

12. To proceed further, the Developer must properly execute and return the Developer Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement, Acknowledgment Form and check for payment of applicable charges. No firm commitment for plant capacity shall be made until 50% of connection charges and 100% of ERCs for annual Capacity Reservation Charges are paid per the Developer Agreement.

13. Authority will forward the Memorandum of Agreement to be recorded. The recorded original will be returned to Authority and a copy of the recorded memorandum will be provided to the Developer along with a copy of the Developer Agreement and an acknowledgement for payment of charges.

14. After completion of the plan review process the EOR shall make a final submittal which will include signed and sealed construction drawings and DEP permit applications, etc. as directed by Authority for approval. Off-site easements must be submitted to Authority prior to final plan approval. All easements granted to Authority shall be on Authority's standard deed form and must be accompanied with title insurance acceptable to Authority (See Exhibits "G" and "H").

15. Prior to scheduling the preconstruction meeting for the project, the contractor shall submit to Authority, through the EOR for his approval, those documents specified in the Authority's prevailing Construction Standards and Specifications.

16. Developer/EOR shall then set up preconstruction meeting with EOR, utility contractor, appropriate building official(s), and all other utilities involved in the project at Authority's offices. No construction of water and/or sewer facilities is allowed prior to the preconstruction meeting.

17. Contractor shall notify Authority's engineering department of minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to commencement of construction of any water and/or sewer facilities. All construction activities must comply with Authority's prevailing Construction Standards and Specifications.

18. Upon completion of construction and all required inspections, EOR and/or Developer shall submit the appropriate documents to Authority. The Encroachment Agreement (if required) and the Bill of Sale must be in Authority's standard format (See Exhibits "I" and "J").

19. If the submitted documents are found to be complete, correct and in proper format, Authority will sign and return certification forms to the EOR for delivery to regulatory agencies for their approval. In the event proper documentation is not complete, Authority will withhold approval of certification forms.

20. Once all required documents are received and are in order, and Authority has received copies of releases for water and sewer facilities from appropriate regulatory agencies, the Developer may apply to Authority for water meters and inspections of sewer lateral tie-ins (See Exhibit "J"). The balance of connection fees, meter charge, backflow preventer charge and customer deposit must be paid at this time in accordance with Authority's prevailing Water and Sewer Service Policies. Water meters will be installed after sewer service lateral inspections are made. Contractor shall install water meters three (3) inches and larger. No permanent meters will be set until all outstanding Authority requirements have been completed.

21. Upon occupancy of completed project, Authority may field verify size and type of unit/business based on connection charges paid. If changes have been made which indicate that additional charges should be assessed, Authority will invoice the Developer for payment of said fees.

22. Capacity Reservation Charges will be invoiced on an annual basis on the anniversary date for each project until all the meters are set. Meters will not be set until these fees are paid and any other outstanding invoice for this project has been satisfied. The Developer may, following placement of the final meter for the project, immediately petition the Authority for return of the unused portion of prepaid Capacity Reservation Fees for the project. Upon receipt of such request, the Authority will determine the amount of the refund then due, if any, and return the appropriate amount to the Developer.